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Welcome! If you have spent any time on our Vette-net in the last years, you know we’ve been in dire need of an overhaul, so here it is. We are still building out content, but we are open during construction so have a look around.

The introduction of the C7 Corvette it all trims – Base, Grand Sport, Z06 and now the 2019 ZR1 represents what I consider nearly the absolute representation of what can be squeezed out of the setup that has been Corvette for the nearly 65 years that this car has been in existence.

The front-engined, rear-wheel drive format has been tweaked to the limits of aerodynamics, power, grip, weight, traction and with 0-60 times continuing to drop into sub 3 seconds, these cars are brutally fast. Without the highly-integrated electronics these vehicles require great skill (and bravery) to drive and with them, they make you feel superhuman. They demand your respect. Truly a value priced performance thrill that you cannot experience any other way.

Ours is a love that spans generations. Whether you have a 50s or 60s styled C1, the highly sought after collectable few years of C2s, the long running and iconic C3 (those fenders!), the affordable performance of the C4s, the end of an era C5s, the high performing many variations of the C6 or the latest family of C7s, you know what I mean. I have never given up my dream of owning one of each. Until I do, I continue to be a fan like all of you, watching and learning and studying and dreaming about my favorites.

I hope you enjoy looking at, studying, admiring and most of all driving the Corvette as much as I do. Thanks for visiting.

David Harned // Editor

David Harned

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