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2007 Corvette Details Available
The 2007 information is available now. David Harned designed these pages for the National Corvette Museum. Take a look!

Corvette in Detroit: NAIAS 2005
OK so when GM announced the most powerful production Corvette ever it was likely to get any Corvette fan to drive a few hours to see it. The company was good, our Vette-net technical expert and me. We both like to drive, but ten hours in the car that day driving to and from Chicago? We had one thing to be thankful for, the weather wasn’t nearly as bad as last year. The conversation wasn’t bad either. This was big news in the Corvette world.

2006 Corvette Z06 and C6-R Launched!
The most powerful production Corvette ever made! Vette-net's Editor/Creator David Harned designed the pages for the Corvette Museum to announce the newest members of the Corvette family. Take a look! The new Z06 is incredible.

Mid America Corvette FunFest 2004
As if someone “up above” approved, the weekend weather was absolutely beautiful. There was lots of sun but it wasn’t hot and there was a soft cool breeze coming in from the West. It was beautiful indeed. Hundreds of Corvettes were a stunning sight as they swarmed the rural Midwest town.

GM pulls Guy Ritchie car ad after protest
DETROIT: Protests from seven safety groups in the US have prompted General Motors to pull a television ad that shows a young boy driving a Corvette sports car so recklessly that it goes airborne, officials of the automaker say. Want to see what all of the “hubub” is about? Check out the Commercial - Preview (372KB), Full Length: Low Res (1.3MB) High Res (3.8MB).

How Much is That Vette Worth?
Ever wondered (and we know you have) how much it would cost you to buy your favorite Corvette? What about how much you could get for yours? Corvette Magazine has a value calculator that can help you figure out exactly what that Vette is worth.

Interact With Us
The editor here is an all out car-nut. Check out his blog for his thoughts on Corvettes, or cars in general.

Corvettes By Year
Wondering what makes each year different than the next? This popular feature lets you search through our Database and see what makes each one special!

Corvette Stuff
Do you want corvette screen savers, desktops and wallpapers enhance your computer? We have got them for you, stop in and take a look!

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