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[ April 30, 2003 ]
Celebrate Corvette’s 50th - Drive You Car to Work Day
The final countdown to Corvette’s 50th Anniversary is approaching. Mid America is celebrating with its 3rd Annual “Drive Your Corvette to Work” day, June 20, 2003. Along with individual commutes, there are 5 organized send-off locations, including the National Corvette Museum, GM Tech Center, Petersen Automotive Museum and others. Clubs and enthusiasts are encouraged to gather together and head out to work. Find out more about how you can be a part of this celebration and win prizes including a trip to Mid America Designs Corvette “FunFest” with complimentary travel expense and hotel accommodations. Visit the “Count Down to 50” site for more information by clicking the “more” link below.

[ April 29, 2003 ]
Are You Sitting on a Piece of History?
A new PBS Series called “History Detectives” is in production, and the NCM was contacted to help in locating possible leads for the show. The coordinators are searching for Corvette owners who may have unique stories about their Corvette’s past. If you think you have something that may have played a part in American history or might reveal a fascinating family story, they want to hear from you. For more information, email the show’s coordinator at: or call 212-206-8633 ext. 29. More information can also be found at the “History Detectives” website by clicking the “more” link below.

[ April 23, 2003 ]
The Corvette C5-R Phenomenon
There’s never been a more obvious all-American race car than the Corvette. Which makes you wonder why GM waited nearly 45 years after its inception to officially race it.

[ April 22, 2003 ]
Pre-Owned: 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Do you know the background on this collectable? It was Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Corvette’s spiritual father and first chief engineer, who made the new-for-1963 Sting Ray race-ready out of the showroom. This limited-edition performance package was named after its factory ordering designation: “Z06.”

[ April 21, 2003 ]
Crystal Ball: 2005 Chevrolet Corvette
Motor Trend has more predictions about the C6 and we’re guessing they are getting warmer. We’ve played this game before. We’ve been right, such as when we nailed the look and content of the current C5 in the mid-’90s. And we’ve been wrong, such as when we confidently predicted, several times during the ’70s, that the next Corvette would be both mid-engined and Wankel-powered. Here we go again.

[ April 18, 2003 ]
“Corvette News” Collection for Sale
One of our readers is looking for a good home for their 1969 - 1979 Corvette News publications. Only available to Corvette Owners (not available on news stands), they are a special item for the serious Corvette memorabilia collector. Contact John for more information if you are interested in adding them to your collection.

[ April 17, 2003 ]
Three of Four Corvettes Still Available to Win!
Although the 50th Annivaersary Pace Car is no longer available, the National Corvette Museum has the 2003 “Going for the Gold” J.D. Powers Corvette, the 2003Earnhardt Signature Edition Z06 Corvette, and a 2004 Convertible still available. The last drawing is August 31st, 2003. Get your tickets now!



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