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[ August 30, 2004 ]
Is this the 2006 Z06 Corvette?
With the C6 Corvette now fully out in the open (and being delivered to dealers now) the Corvette community is making guesses as to what the next Z06 will look like next year. We have seen spy shots showing spoilers and flared fenders but everything else is guessing at the time of writing. One user Photoshopped this image for the next Z06, could they be right? More details leak out each day. Digital Corvettes has a good forum running on the topic. Stop by their site and take a look.

[ August 26, 2004 ]
GM pulls Guy Ritchie car ad after protest
DETROIT: Protests from seven safety groups in the US have prompted General Motors to pull a television ad that shows a young boy driving a Corvette sports car so recklessly that it goes airborne, officials of the automaker say. Want to see what all of the “hubub” is about? Check out the Commercial - Preview (372KB), Full Length: Low Res (1.3MB) High Res (3.8MB).

[ August 25, 2004 ]
Spy Shots of the C6 Racing Corvette C5-R?
Digital Corvettes has possibly gotten the scoop on the next C5-R. Is this a hint of the upcoming Z06 for 2006? We don't know for sure, but it is an exciting find.

[ August 24, 2004 ]
Top of the Heap: The mid-year Sting Rays are often considered the Corvette’s highwater mark - especially in 427 trim.
It may seem a bit ironic, given the long history of the Corvette, that arguably the best received and most desirable of these glass-bodied roadsters are those that saw the shortest production run. The Corvette staked its claim as the top dog on the American sportscar scene right out of the gate, a reputation that grew somewhat reluctantly at first, although by the early Sixties the car’s position in the sports car arena was well secured.

[ August 24, 2004 ]
Something Special: This 1969 L36 Corvette is a Cut Above the Rest
Garry Lansing is a Corvette technician from Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. That means he knows Corvettes inside and out. So when Gary falls in love with a particular Vette, you know it has to be something special. While he’s owned a lot of Corvettes over the years, this 1969 big block coupe is one of Garry’s all-time favorites.

[ August 23, 2004 ]
Corvette Clinches ALMS GTS Manufacturers’ Championship
Gavin and Beretta take Corvette to victory at Road America

The C5-R race team captured a fourth-straight ALMS GTS Manufacturers’ championship on Saturday with a class victory at Road America. Oliver Gavin and Olivier Beretta drove the #4 Compuware Corvette C5-R to third overall, first in class, after starting from the pole position. The Corvettes are undefeated after eight races in 2004. It was another record-setting weekend for the 7.0-liter Corvettes, with Olivier Beretta taking pole position with a new track record. At the start of Sunday’s race, Beretta held onto the lead and the #4 team maintained position for the entirety of the event. Quick pit stops by the crew extended the lead for Gavin and Beretta and gave the duo their second consecutive victory. The Corvette Racing team takes to the track in Georgia for the 1,000-mile Petit Le Mans race - September 25. The long-distance event will see the return of drivers Max Papis and Jan Magnussen.

[ August 21, 2004 ]
Corvette Commercial - A Boy’s Dream
Of course this car is a “A Boy’s Dream.” Watch Chevy’s newest commercial here. Corvette - the official car of your dreams.

[ August 21, 2004 ]
Chevrolet Corvette Z51: In a world of disappointment, nothin’ but grins.
“So, do you still think it’s a C5 and 11/16ths?” asked Corvette assistant chief engineer Tadge Juechter in a half-joking, half-serious tone. We had just spent two days driving the newest Corvette-the so-called C6-around the hills of southern Virginia and at Virginia International Raceway, and Juechter was repeating, almost verbatim, a headline we’d placed on a preview story of the car. It had probably ticked him off then, but it wasn’t showing now. (by Larry Webster)

[ August 20, 2004 ]
Corvette Featured as one of Five Commemorative Stamps
Postage stamps featuring images of five classic cars from the 1950s were unveiled today by the U.S. Postal Service at the world’s premier event for classic car enthusiasts in Pebble Beach, CA. The Sporty Cars of the 50s commemorative postage stamps will be issued in 2005. Featured on the stamps are a 1952 Nash Healey, a 1953 Chevrolet Corvette, a 1953 Studebaker Starliner, a 1954 Kaiser Darrin, and a 1955 Ford Thunderbird. The new stamps highlight the sporty look of American cars designed in the 1950s with sleek, aerodynamic lines and the innovative looks of the types of European sports cars American GIs favored upon their return from World War II. The 50s Sporty Cars stamps were illustrated by Art Fitzpatrick of Carlsbad, CA, and the designer/art director is Carl Herrman of Carlsbad, CA.

[ August 18, 2004 ]
Corvette Assembly Plant Ships the First Batch of 6th Generation Corvettes
Today, the Corvette Assembly Plant will ship the first batch of C6 Corvette Coupes to many dealerships throughout the United States. The first “batch” is reported to have approximately 70 Corvettes ready with others to follow soon. “This is an exciting day for the Corvette community and for the Bowling Green Assembly Plant,” said Wil Cooksey, plant manager. “Our plant is committed to building the highest quality, most precise and powerful sports cars for our customers.” The plant will continue to accelerate to its production build schedule this fall. “This is a memorable day in Corvette history. It marks the start of the sixth generation of a great legacy,” said Dave Hill, chief engineer of the Corvette and vehicle line executive for GM Performance Cars. “The 2005 Chevrolet Corvette delivers more power, passion and precision to reach a new standard of performance car excellence.”

[ August 17, 2004 ]
2004 Corvette Production Numbers
A total of 34,064 Corvettes rolled off the end of the Corvette assembly line for the 2004 production model year. Coupes still proved to be the most popular model ordered with 47 percent of total sales. Convertibles held a steady 36 percent with the Z06 claiming the remaining 17 percent. Le Mans Blue, a color named to commemorate the Corvette win in the 24 race, also won the race for most popular color at 20 percent, with Black finishing at a close second at 18 percent. Torch Red came in third at 15 percent. Only one option was chosen by all Corvette owners, air conditioning with auto temperature control was installed in 100 percent of the cars. Automatic transmissions were popular with 63 percent of sales. Excluding Z06s, which were all manual, 20 percent were equipped with the manual six speed transmission.

[ August 16, 2004 ]
NCM 2005 Events Calendar Posted
The National Corvette Museum 2005 event lineup is final and posted via the NCM website. They are hosting nine events in 2005 and hope you can make plans to join them. Check out the 2005 event schedule by visiting their site.

[ August 13, 2004 ]
C6 Hits the Mark!
The introduction of a new Corvette takes on almost mystical importance to the marque’s legions of followers. History has shown us that most enthusiasts love each subsequent offering but there always have been and likely always will be some who think Chevrolet is moving in the wrong direction. That’s not surprising when you consider that the car engenders an intensity of passion that easily has the power to move people’s emotions.

[ August 11, 2004 ]
Travel Channel’s “Kings of the Road” Features Corvettes and Mustangs
The Travel Channel was at the National Corvette Museum filming a special segment during the recent C5/C6 Birthday Bash this past April for their “Kings of the Road” series. The show will feature footage shot during the event on a segment entitled “Corvette and Mustang - Reborn". The show will air on the Travel Channel on October 9, at 8:00 p.m. and again at 11:00 p.m. EST. Check local listings in your area. Find out more about the Travel Channel by visiting their website.

[ August 6, 2004 ]
C6 Ads to Invade Olympics
Television commercials for the Chevy’s C6 ’Vette debut during the Summer Olympics. GM turned to Guy Ritchie, best known for his highly-publicize fling with Madonna, but also known for his short movie-directing talent - including BMW commercials staring The Material Girl - to call the shots on the new TV spots. Created by longtime Chevrolet ad shop Campbell-Ewald in Warren, the ads are set to the tune of the Rolling Stones’ “Jumping Jack Flash,” and retell the daydream of a boy who imagines himself racing through the streets of New York in nothing less than America’s most storied sports car. -Jack Gilbert

[ August 6, 2004 ]
You want pics? Digital Corvettes has lots of pics!
Digital Corvettes has been on the bleeding edge (faster than cutting edge) of Corvette News since before the C6 announcements came to light. Check out their photo selection. They have over 800 pictures of the C6 and lots of others as well.

[ August 5, 2004 ]
GM to Offer Custom Wheels for C6
GM Accessories, an arm of GM that markets a variety of items for dressing up and personalizing different GM vehicles, will soon add a line of 18 and 19-inch wheels for C6 Corvettes.

[ August 4, 2004 ]
C6 Pricing Announced
Chevrolet finally announced prices for 2005 C6 Corvettes and for all available C6 options. Contrary to the assumptions of many, and to the relief of all, prices did not take a quantum leap forward compared with C5. In fact, the MSRP for base coupes actually went down a few hundred dollars while convertible went up a few hundred.

[ August 3, 2004 ]
Corvette Racing Continues to Dominate
Chevrolet’s Corvette Racing team continues to show near perfect form with wins in all three races they’ve contested thus far this year.

[ August 2, 2004 ]
2005 Chevrolet Corvette - With the “C6,” the little changes make a big difference
The project was pushed back a year by GM’s “car czar,” Bob Lutz, who wanted to ensure the C6 would not only be better than the vehicle it replaced, but that it would be a truly world-class sports car. Corvette fans - and there are many better described as fanatics - might take exception, but for much of its 51-year history, Corvette has had more in common with the classic American muscle car than with true sports cars like the Porsche 911.



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