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[ December 17, 2001 ]
Jay Leno's 1999 Corvette Coupe
Amazingly, America's favorite comedian didn't have a copy of America's favorite sports car in his collection. After accepting an invitation from Chevrolet to drive the Monte Carlo pace car at the Indy 500, Leno took a tour of the Corvette assembly plant and found himself impressed with the Corvette and it's world-class build quality.
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[ December 16, 2001 ]
Jeff Mudd has added good-look styling to his Competition Yellow ’96 convertible
Jeff Mudd is styling big-time in his C4, which was high style and rare in its factory configuration. Add up the LT4 engine, the convertible body style, and factory Competition Yellow paint, and you get 106 built with looks that attract a crowd at a show or just parking at the local Wally World. Mudd had an idea his '96 was on the rare side.
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[ December 15, 2001 ]
Car & Driver's Ten Best for 2002
The 20th Ten Best list from Car & Driver has just been released. Guess who made the list? We suppose it is probably obvious which car is in the top ten of all cars made in 2002.
Read the Article from Car & Driver

[ December 14, 2001 ]
Review of the 2002 Z06 has a review of the 2002 Corvette Z06. Guess what - they liked it, but who in their right mind wouldn't? Have a look at their review.
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[ December 13, 2001 ]
Phil Peachey’s bright yellow C5 convertible is, well, just peachy
In today's well-rounded Corvette environment, the properly-dressed C5 requires a combination of exterior muscle, interior refinement, handling prowess, and engine modifications to produce 400 horsepower or more, with a gutsy exhaust note to boot. Phil Peachey, a real estate broker from Davenport, Florida, has rounded all of those bases with his yellow 2001 convertible, a C5 that gathers stares going down the road, attracts attention at shows, and runs in the low 13s on Phil's inquisitive forays onto the quarter-mile.
Read From Corvette Magazine

[ December 12, 2001 ]
Supertuner Challenge
Car & Driver organized a challenge of some of the best "supertuner" cars available today. There were a couple of Corvettes in the mix. Read their article to see who came out on top.
Read the Article from Car & Driver

[ December 11, 2001 ]
Topless Toys
Car & Driver did a comparison of their fav topless rides. Do we really need to tell you who won? It seems pretty obvious.
Read the Article from Car & Driver

[ December 10, 2001 ]
Dressed for the Nines
Car magazines can get you in trouble. Just ask David Stone, a good old boy from Arkansas, who says, "In '95, I was reading Hot Rod and they were talking about Vortech superchargers and how good they'd make a car run. So I had a Vortech put on my '92 Corvette. And I liked the way it ran."
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[ December 9, 2001 ]
Corvette Museum Events Calendar for 2002
Live near Bowling Green, KY? Maybe you are driving across the country to visit a friend or loved one? Be sure to plan a stop at the National Corvette Museum. They have lots of great events planned for 2002! The only way to have more fun than this is to drive your own Corvette to the event!
Review the NCM Events for 2002

[ December 8, 2001 ]
For Sale: Corvette ZR-1 Convertible
This is the real deal - the one and only documented 1990 ZR-1 convertible in private hands is for sale. One of only five pilot cars built and sent to Lotus in England for developmental work, it was saved from an English junkyard and returned to America in 1994. The drivetrain is complete; however, the car will require a total restoration.
Read From Corvette Magazine

[ December 7, 2001 ]
Yankee Boomers
Car & Driver pitted a Viper, Mustang and the Mighty Z06 against each other in the grueling heat of the desert. See who came out on top.
Read the Article from Car & Driver

[ December 6, 2001 ]
National Corvette Museum Hosts Olympic Torch Relay Festivities
The National Corvette Museum is proud to announce a special collaboration of festivities taking place at the Museum on December 16th for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Torch Relay. Beginning at 9:00 a.m. CT, the relay will make its way through Bowling Green on its journey of over 13,500 miles to bring the spirit of the torch to many cities and states throughout the U.S.
Read the Museum's Announcement

[ December 5, 2001 ]
Did You Get A Ticket on the 2002 Red Corvette Coupe Raffle?
The NCM will be drawing the winner of the 2002 Red Corvette Coupe on Friday, December 7th at 12:00 p.m. CT. Only 500 tickets were sold and some lucky winner will be notified immediately following the raffle drawing. The exciting drawing can be viewed via the Museum's webcams.
Watch the Drawing in Real Time! (choose cam #3)

[ December 5, 2001 ]
Corvette Olympic Torch Relay Car
For nearly 50 years Corvette has set the pace for innovative engineering and racing-inspired technology. Now this performance icon is proud to lead another. This special Corvette is leading the convoy of Torchbearers, Support Runners and Chevrolet vehicles. In Light Pewter Metallic, this Corvette coupe will announce the arrival of the Olympic Torch Relay from city to city.
Visit Chevy's Website to See the Torch Relay Car

[ December 4, 2001 ]
The Time Machine: This '69 Stingray roadster is 31 years young
George Varela of Miami, Florida is one of the lucky ones. This magnificent Daytona Yellow 1969 427 roadster was purchased new by George back in 1969 with only a few miles on the odometer. Today the clock reads just 25,000 - that's less than 1,000 miles per year of driving over 31 years. Those miles are put on mostly on weekends when he shows this low-mile beauty.
Read From Corvette Magazine

[ December 3, 2001 ]
When Astronauts Drove Corvettes
The association between astronauts and Corvettes started early. Alan Shepard, the first American in space, was a noted Corvette enthusiast. "Alan Shepard was a big Corvette person," said Larry Hayes of the National Corvette Museum. And Chevrolet made it easy for astronauts to become Corvette owners.
Read From Corvette Magazine

[ December 2, 2001 ]
Beyond Awesome 2002 Z06 by Hib Halverson
For 12 minutes or so, at a not-just-illegal, but an obscene rate of speed, I ripped up the tight turns and short straights that make Glendora Mountain Road. After eight miles, faster than I've ever made this run before, I reached the overlook above Morris Reservoir which I consider the top of "GMR". I parked, got out and stood back 50 feet, studying this Electron Blue rocket.
Read From the C5 Registry



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