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[ February 27, 2002 ]
Corvette Named A Driver’s Choice - GM Plant Vette Gazette Report
“Motorweek”, the PBS automotive magazine show, announced its 20th annual Drivers’ Choice Awards at the Chicago Auto Show last week and the Corvette Z06 was among them. In fact, more U.S. manufactured vehicles made the list than in past years, scooping up the majority of the awards. “Its all about competition and good design - U.S. auto manufacturers are continually taking an established theme and driving it to the next level,” said John Davis, host and executive producer of the “MotorWeek.” The winners in the different categories will be featured on MotorWeek on PBS, beginning February 23. Check local listings for times.
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[ February 26, 2002 ]
NCM Auctions 2002 VIN #1 Corvette Coupe
The National Corvette Museum has purchased VIN #1 of the model year 2002 Corvette as an auction fundraiser. The collectible VIN #1 coupe obtained from Chevrolet’s “captured fleet”, features the stunning electron blue color with black interior and automatic transmission. The unique Corvette currently on display at the Museum will be auctioned to the highest bidder on February 27th, 2002 at 12:00 p.m. CT.
Get Your Bid In

[ February 25, 2002 ]
50th Anniversary Corvette Unveiled at NCM’s 50th Anniversary Kickoff Event
Attendees of Corvette’s 50th Anniversary Kickoff event at the Museum (June 27-30) will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the inside scoop on Corvette’s 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette. Corvette Chief Engineer David Hill, Corvette Brand Manager Rick Baldick, GM Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Wil Cooksey and Corvette Chief Designer Tom Peters will make a special presentation including an official unveiling of the new model year Corvette. All 2003 models - convertible, coupe and Z06 will be on display. The super roundtable guests will also talk about the continuing upgrade process on the car’s engineering design, ordering options, design concept and more.
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[ February 22, 2002 ]
Rippin’ Rippie Z06
“Z06s are amazing cars,” Ron Marks says in a manner to pay homage to one of Corvette’s great RPO numbers. “Bone stock, they are damn near race cars” But like the rest of us, Ron wanted something a bit hotter.
Read from Corvette Magazine

[ February 21, 2002 ]
Andy Pilgrim Merchandise Available at the NCM Store
The lineup features a logo cap in classic black highlighting the Corvette & Andy Pilgrim logos along with on the back. Soft bull denim cap with brass adjustable closure on back closure. One size fits all $19.95. Andy Pilgrim Polos made by Cutter & Buck available in Black or White $49.95. Sizes S,M,L,XL (XXL is $52.95). 100% fully combed cotton pique with three button placket.
Visit the Corvette Store at the NCM

[ February 20, 2002 ]
Da Vette
"When I first saw this car, it hit me like a sledge hammer right between the eyes," gushed John Zandy in his Chicago accent. "I'd seen a couple of Greenwoods in the past and I liked 'em. When I saw this one and I had a chance to buy it, I said, 'This is it! This is the one I've got to get!' Because it was like love at first sight."
Read from Corvette Magazine

[ February 18, 2002 ]
Ron Fellows Racing Jacket Now Available
New in stock at the Corvette Store! Ron Fellows Racing Jacket - $149.00 Sizes S-XXL. Outer shell 100% nylon - lining 100% nylon. Black shoulder and sleeve featuring Corvette Racing logo on the left chest and Ron Fellows logo on the front right chest. Just right for spring weather.
Visit the Corvette Store at the NCM

[ February 15, 2002 ]
Seeing an Auto Show Through the Eyes of a Pro: An Interview with Bob Lutz
Bob Lutz has a lot of power when it comes to car releases for General Motors. Some are saying that he has ultimate control in the release of the next Corvette. Carpoint had the opportunity to walk with Bob through one of the recent NIAIS Auto Shows. See what he thought of what he saw.
Read the Article from Carpoint

[ February 14, 2002 ]
2002 Electron Blue Corvette Raffle Sold Out!
We are proud to announce that all 500 of the Electron Blue Z06 raffle tickets have been sold! Congratulations and good luck to everyone who purchased a ticket. The drawing for the 2002 C5 Z06 Corvette will take place as part of this year's Fifth Annual C5 Birthday Bash April 18-20, 2002.
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[ February 13, 2002 ]
RM Racing Corvette
My silly grin prompted Road Test Coordinator Brad Long to speculate that some of the nitrous oxide intended for the combustion chambers of the RM Racing Corvette's LS1 was winding up in the test driver's bloodstream. But even a drag of laughing gas can't match the giggle factor of the acceleration I was enjoying. Rocketing 0-100 mph in 9.1 seconds will put a silly grin on anyone's face.
Read the Article from Motor Trend

[ February 12, 2002 ]
FEATURES: Driving the Dream
So the Chevrolet C5-R race team, here to test in preparation for a race at Mosport in Canada and then a race at Sears Point in California, does what rain-delayed race teams do: Sits, talks, fiddles with the car, guzzles bottled water, glances up at the sky. Drivers Ron Fellows and Chris Kneifel are all dressed up in Nomex with no place to go.
Read the Article from Car & Driver

[ February 11, 2002 ]
’98 Chevrolet Corvette: Pure-Blood American Sports Car
Rebirth of an American automotive icon isn't always the cause for celebration, but the exceptional fifth-generation Chevrolet Corvette garnered our highest accolades, earning Motor Trend's '98 Car of the Year award. Long in development, the new Corvette set a new sports car benchmark for performance, technology, comfort, ergonomics, storage capacity, and value. We had to order a long-termer. No, make that two.
Read the Article from Motor Trend

[ February 8, 2002 ]
Corvette Floats on Air With Help From Magnets
OLYMPIA, Wash. - Karl Lamb floated a bright red Corvette on an invisible magnetic field Wednesday, using a treasured symbol of American automotive technology to sell a vision of people and goods gliding in near silence across the landscape.
Read the Full Story from Fox News

[ February 7, 2002 ]
Racy C5
What makes Chris Green's 2000 hardtop so hot looking? It's all that racy stuff, like the Arrow rear wing and the BBS wheels. Torch Red factory paint doesn't hurt for a canvas either. The really knowledgeable C5 elite may recognize the Z06 style front grilles, but they're not the factory stainless steel mesh. They're black. There are two more changes to the front end if you look even closer. Do you see them? Keep reading and we'll fill you in.
Read from Corvette Magazine

[ February 6, 2002 ]
Corvette has been named Official Pace Car of 2002 Indianapolis 500
The 86th running of the Indianapolis 500 on May 26, 2002, will bring together two powerful symbols that stir the imaginations of enthusiasts around the world. Chevrolet's Corvette, an international performance icon, has been named Official Pace Car of this year's Indianapolis 500, the world's greatest auto race. Chevrolet sets the pace for record 13th time and Corvette will perform the pace car duties for the fifth time since 1978 - the most pace car appearances by a single brand.
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[ February 5, 2002 ]
New Corvette Buyers Bid To Select Vehicle Identification Number
The National Corvette Museum has begun a fundraising auction that will allow the top twenty-five bidders the chance to select a specific vehicle identification number (VIN) when ordering a 2003 Corvette. The Chevrolet Motor Division is providing this unique opportunity as a fundraiser for the Museum. This unique auction has been started via the Museum's website.
Visit the NCM to place your bid now

[ February 1, 2002 ]
On any given day, an air-conditioned Corvette targa six-speed can achieve 170 mph; a Viper GTS, 186. Following her book deal, Monica Lewinsky can afford either. And if Monica married Michael Schumacher - whose pay packet this year swells to $28 million - the two could buy both of these cars, plus Belgium.
Read the Article from Car & Driver



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