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[ January 31, 2002 ]
Corvette Museum Announces 2002 ZR-1/C4 “Gathering” Event
The National Corvette Museum will welcome Fourth generation Corvette owners, enthusiasts, engineers and C4 Corvette specialists for its annual ZR-1/C4 "Gathering", May 9-11, 2002. The event will bring hundreds of Corvette enthusiasts to Bowling Green to participate in a 3-day event uniting a distinctive group of Corvette owners. The 40th Anniversary Edition Corvettes (Ruby's), limited edition Grand Sport Corvettes, Twin-Turbo Callaway B2K Corvettes and the LT-4 C4 Corvettes will be featured during the event co-hosted by the ZR-1 Net, with support by the Grand Sport Owners Association, 40th Anniversary Registry, Team ZR-1 and the LT5 and LT4 Registries.
Register at the NCM now

[ January 30, 2002 ]
ROAD TEST: Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Stumble upon a nest of Corvette aficionados, and you'll hear more obscure alphanumeric sequences than if you'd crept into a meeting of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. Back in 1963, codes such as L-88, ZR-1, M-22, and ZL-1 were created as internal designations for Corvette options, but they have since taken on deep and emotional meaning for the Corvette faithful.
Read the Article from Car & Driver

[ January 29, 2002 ]
Corvette C6 - the Speculation Continues...
These images were provided by a reader of what an artist believes the next version of the Corvette will look like. Do we agree? It really just looks like a Cadillac XLR with a new paint job to us. We think the tailights are going to be different than this, probably more signature "Corvette" with the four rounded (or oval) lights. One thing is for sure though - this is one sweet looking Corvette.
You be the judge!

[ January 23, 2002 ]
Lingenfelter 427 Z06 Corvette
In 1966, Chevrolet dropped a bombshell on the sports-car establishment when it slipped an optional 427-cubic-inch V-8 into the Corvette. The cost of that option, which became known as the "rat motor," was $181 for a 390-hp version and $312 for the 425-hp mill. The 427's combination of small-block "revability" (with redlines as high as 6500 rpm) and classic big-block torque made the 427 the most cherished engine among Corvette fans. After four years, in response to tighter emissions regs, Chevy enlarged the 427 to make the slower-revving, longer-stroke 454. Chevy would never again install a 427 in a Corvette.
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[ January 9, 2002 ]
2002 Corvette Z06: Don't Bother to Write for Your Free Upgrade
Let's call it the Corvette 5.5, as the 2002 405-horsepower Z06 is the fifth opportunity in five years to unload valuable pesos on the latest and greatest Corvette. If you own a Corvette "5.4," the 2001 385-horse Z06, it is now on a depreciation schedule akin to that of an IBM Selectric. Asked why GM would sell 7400 vehicles knowing they would be obsolete within 14 months, Corvette chief engineer Dave Hill said the 5.5's upgrades weren't ready then and that the company doesn't sell wine before its time. Hope that helps...
Read the Article from Car & Driver

[ January 8, 2002 ]
Nasty 1 Z06
Looking at Karen Davis and then looking at the "NASTY1" tag on her 2002 Z06, you could get the wrong idea. "I've had some guys ask what it means, and I tell them they don't want to know," Karen laughs. Her husband, Jim, gave her that come-back line to answer the inquisitive. "They're digging for something. You know how guys are. The first thing they think is, 'Oh, maybe she's a dancer or something.' But no such thing."
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