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[ November 28, 2001 ]
Number 40
At last year's Eckler's Reunion Show, Bill Buck Jr. was showing his 2001 C5 convertible, his 39th consecutive new Corvette. One year later, Bill has turned in the "old" 2001 model for this "new" 2002 convertible. That makes the black C5 number 40 for Bill, who has taken delivery of a new Corvette every year since 1962.
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[ November 27, 2001 ]
2002 Electron Blue Z06 Corvette To Be Raffled At Corvette Museum
A new 2002 Electron Blue Z06 Corvette raffle has been announced by the National Corvette Museum. The sporty new Corvette will be given away as part of the Museum's 5th Annual C5 Birthday Bash celebration April 18-20.
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[ November 17, 2001 ]
50th Anniversary Motorama with the NCM
We reported back in September that the National Corvette Museum was planning the 50th Anniversary Motorama Corvette Caravan on June 25th and 26th, 2003. Well they have lots of cars lined up already, and you can get a look at many of the participants at their website.
Visit the Corvette Museum's Website

[ November 16, 2001 ]
Corvettes AT SEMA
As always, Corvettes were prominent in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center. Most notably, the huge General Motors' display at center floor included a pair of yellow Corvettes, both with new "Tiger Shark" components.
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[ November 15, 2001 ]
It's Official: Camaro is Gone After 2002
According to John G. Middlebrook, GM vice president and general manager vehicle brand marketing and corporate advertising, the combination of significantly reduced demand in the regular sport segment - which has decreased by 53 percent from 1990 to 2000, due in large part to the increasing popularity of trucks - along with the substantial excess manufacturing capacity in the industry made the decision unavoidable.
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[ November 14, 2001 ]
Corvette Ranks Top Of History Channel's Online American Icon Poll
November 27th - 30th, the History Channel will be doing a special documentary on "American Classics". Corvette along with many other American icons will be featured during this informative program dedicated to why ordinary people and everyday items have become American classics.

The History Channel team of experts have listed the top 10 American Classics to use as themes for their show. Corvette currently ranks top of the list! To keep Corvette as the top American Classic icon, you can vote online via the History Channel's website poll at: Go to the "America in Motion" column (using the link below) and place your vote. Once your vote is submitted, the page will take you to the current poll standings. Please check local listings for showtimes for this History Channel special.
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[ November 12, 2001 ]
Less Than 100 Tickets Left!
Less than 100 tickets are left on the new 2002 Corvette coupe raffle underway at the National Corvette Museum. Tickets are $250 each and will be given away prior to the Christmas holiday on Friday, December 7th, 2001 at 12:00 p.m. CT. Only 500 tickets will be sold! The odds of becoming a winner couldn't be better! Tickets are available online at the link below or by calling (800) 53-VETTE.
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[ November 11, 2001 ]
How Much is That Vette Worth?
Ever wondered (and we know you have) how much it would cost you to buy your favorite Corvette? What about how much you could get for yours? Corvette Magazine has a value calculator that can help you figure out exactly what that Vette is worth.
Check out the Price Calculator

[ November 9, 2001 ]
Corvette Build Stickers
Any Corvette owner would love to own a piece of their Corvette's heritage, and you can order a copy of the build sheet for any Corvette assembled in Bowling Green since the GM Plant opened in 1981. If you are ordering a reproduction window sticker, you must order the build sheet at the same time. To order yours, click the "Build Sheets: Window Stickers" link on the Corvette Museum's Home Page.
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[ November 7, 2001 ]
Vette-Net News Archive Created
Because of the sheer number of News items that have been posted over the year of 2001, we have created an archive of News postings. You can access this archive at the top of the Corvette News page by choosing a month to view. Because we will continue to bring you the freshest Corvette News, we now have a clean way to organize it. Stay tuned!

[ November 7, 2001 ]
Supernatural 450 Grand Sport
When Chevrolet dropped the ZR1 in '96, it was replaced by the Grand Sport, with the LT4's horsepower pumped up to 330. The way to get even more power than the previous ZR1's LT5 DOHC 350 was to send your Corvette to Callaway for the Supernatural upgrade.
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[ November 6, 2001 ]
Corvette Chosen as #1 American Car by Autoweek Readers
You gotta love the Chevrolet Corvette. Year in and year out, this American icon is at the top of AutoWeek magazine's list of 10 Best American Cars. The year 2001 was no different.
Visit Carpoint for Details

[ November 6, 2001 ]
Corvette Assembly Plant Allows VIP Tours for Museum Delivery Only
The GM Corvette Assembly Plant has announced that V.I.P Museum delivery tours of the plant will resume Monday, December 3. The V.I.P tours available to Museum delivery participants are the only tours that will be resumed at this time. All other Plant tours are closed indefinitely.
Learn about the Corvette Museum Delivery & Plant Tour Option

[ November 5, 2001 ]
ZorCo Offers Original 1953 Parts Catalog
In honor of the fast approaching Corvette 50th Anniversary, ZorCo Enterprises is offering the first ever 50th anniversary limited edition reproduction of the original 64 page 1953 Corvette Parts Catalog. This is the same catalog issued to General Motors Chevrolet dealers back on August 1st 1953!

Also included, is an authentic 8 X 11 reproduction of an original promotion photograph of the 1953 Corvette. This "ready for framing" photograph has numerous points of interest about those first vettes, listed on the back. Included as well is a colorful re-order form. The catalog, picture and order form come in a custom designed envelope for safekeeping.
Visit ZorCo to Order Yours Now

[ November 4, 2001 ]
A Patriotic Corvette
With patriotism running high in the aftermath of September 11, Bonnie Mitchell has gone beyond waving an American flag from a window mount by having her 2000 Corvette custom painted with the stars and stripes. In spectacular fashion, Bonnie's C5 is a rolling billboard for American pride. "I now have the most patriotic car in America," Bonnie said.
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[ November 3, 2001 ]
Corvette Wins Petite Le Mans
Though Corvette Racing came to Atlanta leading Saleen in the quest for GTS team, manufacturer, and driver championships, the points spread was tight and all three crowns were very much up for grabs. When the checkered flag finally waved after 1,000 difficult miles, Chevy's #4 Corvette, driven by Andy Pilgrim, Kelly Collins, and Franck Freon, crossed the finish line ahead of all GTS competitors, thus earning Chevrolet the 2001 manufacturers title and Pratt & Miller the team championship.
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[ November 2, 2001 ]
You can call it a Lingenfelter Z06.5
What happens when Lingenfelter Performance Engineering bolts a couple of their high-tech turbos onto an LS6? The answer is, all hell breaks loose. Graham Behan, project engineer at Lingenfelter and former developmental engineer on the LT5, likes to compare the new twin turbo Z06 to a normally-aspirated, big cubic-inch V8. "You don't feel some huge delay, then a big kick when the turbos come in. There is virtually no turbo lag. It just feels like you're driving a big-block."
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