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[ October 18, 2002 ]
Dale Earnhardt Signature Series Z06 Corvette Raffle Underway
A special raffle is underway on a one-of-a-kind Z06 Corvette featuring a unique Dale Earnhardt Signature modification package. The exclusive Dale Earnhardt Signature package modifications are courtesy of Dale Earnhardt Inc. An unlimited number of tickets will be sold at $25 each. Drawing for the exciting Z06 Corvette is scheduled for June 30th, 2003 as part of the 50th Anniversary activities at the Museum. For more information on the Earnhardt Signature Z06 Corvette raffle or to purchase a ticket please visit the NCM website.

[ October 14, 2002 ]
The new Corvette C6 promises more performance and better handling
A new Corvette is one of the more anticipated launches, and the 2005 C6 is certainly no exception. The rumor mill and Internet buzz have intensified over the last six months. What information we’ve been able to cajole, dig up and bribe out of GM sources indicates the new C6 should live up to the hype.

[ October 11, 2002 ]
Corvette Futures
My first thought was how the Corvette hobby has changed. Twenty years ago, the owner of a hot Corvette might work at a speed shop or perhaps a car dealership or possibly even a gas station.

[ October 10, 2002 ]
The Birth of a Cultural Icon
When the doors to the grand ballroom of New York’s Waldorf Astoria swung open in January 1953, they revealed an awesome display of both showmanship and substance. New York’s Waldorf was the first stop in General Motor’s 1953 Motorama, a Broadway-like extravaganza that toured the country presenting all of GM’s new production models and a bevy of the company’s futuristic dream cars.

[ October 2, 2002 ]
Chevrolet Corvette Pedal Car
Did you ever wish you had a Corvette as a kid? Maybe your child wants one like yours? Pedal Car USA is soon releasing a Corvette Pedal Car (licensed by Chevrolet). Check out their site for more info and get your order in now!

[ October 1, 2002 ]
Dave Hill talks about Corvette, and the Upcoming C6 recently had the chance to sit down with Corvette Chief Engineer/Vehicle Line Executive Dave Hill, who chatted about the history, passion and future of the Corvette.



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