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[ September 21, 2001 ]
2003 Commemorative Edition Corvette?
Advanced Automotive Technologies has developed one mighty retro-looking C5. Have a look at their 2003 Commemorative Edition.
Have a look at this concept

[ September 19, 2001 ]
The Showstopper
"Sir, I can move the mirror if you'd like," Rich offered. The reply came as the man extracted himself from under the Corvette. "I want to see this with my own eyes." It was then that Rich recognized the emerging face as that of Corvette Chief Engineer Dave Hill, who was closely inspecting Rich's merger of late-model Z06 drivetrain and C4 suspension into a 1962 Corvette.
Read from Corvette Magazine

[ September 19, 2001 ]
Ram Air Install for C5 Corvettes
Less restriction and ramming cooler air to the intake is what makes the Breathless Performance Vortex ram Air system so effective for C5s. Here is he scoop on the install.
Read from Corvette Magazine

[ September 16, 2001 ]
Vetter's Venemous Vette
"Lingenfelter did a Viper," Jon Paul Vetter laughs (yes, his last name is for real). So why couldn't the tuner famous for his venomous Vipers do a Corvette with a poisonous bite? After all, all's fair in love and supercar wars.
Read from Corvette Magazine

[ September 14, 2001 ]
"Tribute To America" Planned in Corvette Museum Amphitheater
Friday, September 14th, 6:30 p.m.

Bowling Green, KY - As the nation pulls together during the recent tragedy, WBKO, Hillview Heights Church and the National Corvette Museum will host a special "Tribute To America" in the Museum's outdoor amphitheater on Friday, September 14th at 6:30 p.m. Several groups including the local Ministerial Association, local media, local churches, and some businesses and organizations, have united forces to offer the South Central Kentucky region a special time to pay tribute to America during this time of need.

The program will host a special prayer service, songs, and candlelight vigil in honor of the many who have lost lives and those who first-hand are dealing with this heartfelt disaster. "We encourage everyone in the region to join together as one during this trying time," states Wendell Strode, NCM Executive Director. "This special tribute will be an opportunity for the community to come together and support each other as Americans, as family, as one."

Lawn chairs, blankets, small flags and candles are welcome in the amphitheater. The tribute is scheduled to last approximately one-hour, and additional details can be obtained by calling WBKO at (270) 781-1313 or the Museum at (270) 781-7973.

[ September 10, 2001 ]
NCM sponsors National Corvette Caravan for 2003
As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Corvette, the National Corvette Museum is hosting its third National Corvette Caravan. Starting from the borders of the United States and sweeping through the country, the caravans will converge on Bowling Green June 25th & 26th, 2003, and stay through the thrilling birthday celebration on June 30th.
Visit the National Corvette Caravan site

[ September 10, 2001 ]
LeMans Z06
The LM stands for LeMans, which sets the tone for this hotter-than-stock Z06. Although far from a race car, the Caravaggio LM plays up the C5-R racing queues from the blacked-out rear taillight panel to the pumped-up LS6 engine, upgraded seats, powder-coated black wheels, and "side splitter" rocker panels. To boot, the LM is lowered and features a lift-off targa roof of Caravaggio's own manufacture.
Read from Corvette Magazine

[ September 3, 2001 ]
NCM 2001 Corvette Raffle Winner Announced
The National Corvette Museum has had a raffle running for quite a while now, and announced the winner on September 2nd. Joe Holaus from Imperial, MO won the magnetic red C5 convertible - for a $10 ticket.
Read all about the Raffle

[ September 3, 2001 ]
GM Redesigns Corvette Website
For those of you who don't view the Official Chevrolet Corvette Website everyday (because you don't have the same sickness that we do), they launched the new design on Augus 31st, 2001. Take a moment to check it out.
Check out GM's 2002 Corvette site



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