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[ September 26, 2002 ]
American Idols
To celebrate the red, white, and blue, we’ve rounded up a selection of the most distinct, flag-waving new vehicles about to hit the market. Each is distinct in its own way, instantly recognizable, and respected worldwide. Hum a few bars of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” grab a slice of apple pie, and enjoy the parade.

[ September 25, 2002 ]
Vette vs. Jet?
John Lingenfelter is as good a Corvette tuner as any -- actually, better than most. He’s always happy to let us (and others) test his cars against all comers, bring what they may. So this time, we brought something that would give his latest road rocket a run for its proverbial pink slip.
(this link is no longer operational)

[ September 24, 2002 ]
Supercar Challenge: The Stockers
We set the same rules for the production cars as we did for the tuners. The cars would run on street tires and pump gas, each car would get five runs, and the factories had the option of hiring a driver or putting me in the seat.

[ September 23, 2002 ]
R&T Columns: On the Road - America’s Sports Car
I’m old enough to recall the introduction of the original Corvette in 1953, and how we all were quite taken with that handsome roadster’s styling. Okay, so it had only the Blue Flame 6-cylinder engine and 2-speed Powerglide transmission - it looked terrific.

[ September 20, 2002 ]
Behind the Scenes: Corvette Celebration
Chevrolet’s favorite sports car continues to put smiles on the faces of enthusiasts everywhere. In celebration, the August 2002 issue of Road & Track features a road test of the 50th Anniversary Corvette, a special model that commemorates the Vette’s long history as an American automotive icon.

[ September 19, 2002 ]
A Legacy of Performance
January 17, 1953, New York, N.Y. - General Motors today unveiled its newest dream machine, a sports car called the Corvette, at the GM Motorama in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Will they build it?

[ September 18, 2002 ]
2003 Chevrolet Corvette 50th Anniversary Model
In this way, Chevrolet has hit on a good way to market a half-century of Corvette history - the C5 is a car that we’re all familiar with, leavened with a dash of significant new technology.

[ September 17, 2002 ]
R&T Features: The C6
Hill and company are deep into the creation of the C6, or sixth-generation, Corvette. Through informal conversations and our usual sources, we’ve pieced together a picture of what the next Corvette will look like, as well as some of its new attributes.

[ September 16, 2002 ]
2003 Corvette Museum Events Schedule
The 2003 NCM event schedule is now available. Additional information and details on how to register will be made available in the coming months. Mark your calendars now for the exciting events scheduled in 2003!

[ September 13, 2002 ]
Wretched Excess
Rich Rembold can talk the talk. He also can walk the walk. Who couldn’t once they’ve gone to such great lengths of excess?

[ September 12, 2002 ]
The Fanatics
Victor Preisler, 49, and his wife, Stacey, of Calabasas, California, own 10 Corvettes, and they aren’t through yet. Like most Vette obsessives, he was dumbstruck as a teenager, at a time when his pockets contained just dimes and quarters.

[ September 11, 2002 ]
Specialty File: Lingenfelter Supercharged Corvette
Attention, Kmart shoppers. We’re pleased to announce a BlueLight Special in Aisle 4. Once again, we’re offering you the lowest price possible. This time, it’s horsepower-just $46 a pony. That’s right, this unheard of bargain is in Aisle 4.

[ September 10, 2002 ]
The Struggle Over The Sting Ray
Corvette patron saint Zora Arkus-Duntov and GM design chief Bill Mitchell faced off in the early 1960s over who ruled the Corvette roost. The outcome of that battle defines the plastic two-seater of today.

[ September 9, 2002 ]
The Steering Column
The Corvette came to life a couple years later than I did, and ever since, we’ve been friends. Or at least since I was nine, when the TV show Route 66 introduced me to the baby-blue ’60 Vette convertible in which Tod and Buz drifted around the country.

[ September 6, 2002 ]
Open House Scheduled as Part of “A Day of Remembrance” September 11th
In honor of the September 11th tragedy, the Museum will open its doors to the public at no charge from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 11th. Free admission to tour the Museum will be offered to everyone during the specially designated hours, in addition to a special viewing of “In Memoriam - New York City,” an HBO presentation to be shown in the Chevrolet Theater. A special patriotic musical “Celebrate Our Freedom” will be performed in the Museum’s outdoor amphitheater by a 350 person mass choir collected from various community churches. NCM Executive Director Wendell Strode stated, “Every American is forever changed by the tragedy of September 11th and we still feel the effects. Through strength, prayer and help from each other and our God, we will continue on. We encourage everyone to join us for a special time to reflect and enjoy our freedoms.” For more information on “A Day of Remembrance”, call (800) 53-VETTE or visit the National Corvette Museum’s website.

[ September 5, 2002 ]
R&T Features: Great Grip!
What is handling? In simple terms, it is a vehicle’s capability to turn quickly with utmost stability. And to define it further, it also involves a car’s aptitude for generating lateral grip, or lateral acceleration, and carrying the fastest possible speed through a corner.

[ September 4, 2002 ]
Specialty File: Doug Rippie Motorsports C500/RSR
Young Rippie had little idea of the power of his mom’s guidance. True to his word, in 1971, the 21-year-old Rippie bought a 1963 split-window Corvette and entered his first race at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. He finished third of eight racers in that debut event, but the impression would last a lifetime.

[ September 3, 2002 ]
R&T Reviews: Mixing and Matching
Sports cars. They’re exalted by the automotive world; the most visible product in any carmaker’s lineup, always featured on the cover of brochures and placed front and center at dealerships. They’re cars that most of us with families and monthly mortgages wish we owned.



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